KSM-Rasha Logo
KSM-Rasha Logo

KSM-RASHA has been established by seven of the biggest Iranian mining and steel making companies in 2019.

Focusing on the mining and steel industry, our mission is to explore technological opportunities and challenges in order to provide innovative and value-added solutions by making strong networks. With a competent and skillful R&D team in the following departments, we are able to discover problems and develop solutions - acting as a link between research, technology and industry.

rasha portal

rasha portal

Our departments:

1. Production Processes and Waste Management,
2. Energy and Environment
3. Artificial Intelligence and Development of New Technologies


1 - Achieving zero-waste production in the iron and steel industry
2 - Sustainable development by increasing added value
3 - Developing green mining and green steel
4 - Providing solutions to the complex challenges of the mining and metals industry through research and technology development
5 - Identifying and implementing new development technologies
6 - Improving processes in the iron and steel production chain using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our Projects:

KSM-RASHA’s research and engineering activities areas:
Technology Development
Engineering Services (to increase productivity and product portfolio development)

Active projects in progress:


  • Feasibility study and evaluation of methods for energy recovery from molten slag of EAF
  • Technical and economic evaluation of gas storage methods with the aim of time-limited use in direct reduction plants
  • Thermal recovery from the Off-gas of EAF using ORC-based turbines
  • Simultaneous application of physical and thermal processes for the beneficiation of low-grade non-magnetite iron ores
  • Development of a strategy for green steel production
  • Evaluation of methods for recovery of valuable materials from mining and processing wastes
  • Evaluation of methods for desalination of open pit brines

Technology Development

  • Ironmaking based on complete reduction at semi-solid temperature (3rd generation of ironmaking)
  • Equipping Midrex technology direct reduction plants with carbon capture unit
  • Providing artificial intelligence-based products with the aim of online monitoring and intelligent control of DRI production process in direct reduction plants
  • Providing products based on artificial intelligence with the aim of online monitoring and intelligent control of the EAF steelmaking process
  • Hot processing of EAF steel slag with the aim of iron recovery and hydrogen generation
  • Comprehensive technology management for iron and steelmaking waste

Engineering Services

  • Market and feasibility studies in the iron and steel production chain
  • Provision of an investment model for investors in the iron and steel production chain
  • Increasing economic feasibility and creating the possibility of producing high value-added products through technical solutions
  • Increasing production efficiency and reducing production costs by providing a model for each individual producer.
  • Providing services with product portfolio development and reducing downtime and costs

Our Subsidiaries


Eghlim-e Sabz

Eghlim-e Sabz: Waste material management in iron and steel industry, commercialization and market development.


Nokan Sanat

Optimizing production lines and increasing production efficiency in iron and steel industry.



Smartening of production processes and online monitoring of performance.